Hi Friends. 😊
Daughter of The King
welcome; Hello everyone. I would just love to share with you all my love for God in this blog through these pictures.. His arms are the ones I rest in, in everything I do. God is the who is equipping me day by day into becoming the women he wants me to become for him and is always surprising me with his amazing works! Jesus is my rock, he is what i rely on. Many call it an obsession but I call it love. <3 Feel free to leave prayer requests or any comments in my inbox! Love you all. #TEAMJESUS

28/52: Galatians 5:22
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The devil will try to fight a hard battle against you but if you keep your faith in God, trust and believe in Him, He will always see you through!

#devo (at North Daang hari, Taguig City)